Yeah, Gumtree!

I was racking my brain earlier today on how to get the word out there about Smashed Avo Project, when an idea struck!

(Well, it was actually an iPhone push-notification informing me that someone had just enquired about my pre-loved cow skin rug on Gumtree).

But given that is Australia’s leading free classifieds website, and also given that my advertising budget for this project is precisely $0, it seems like the perfect platform to start seeking out some interesting potential trades for a serving of smashed avo on toast.

With this in mind, I’ve gone ahead and posted a ‘classifieds style’ ad on Gumtree (a link to the ad can be found here: 

After posting the ad, I was curious to see who else may have similar ads (I mean, who knows, maybe there is such a thing as competitors in the world of smashed avo classifieds?)

Well, my friends, it probably comes as no surprise to you that at the time of posting the ad, there were no other listings specifically for ‘smashed avo trades’.

There were actually three other classifieds ads that mentioned smashed avo including a set of 7 x Large ‘Australian Fine China’ Dining Plates for $5 in Balga, Stirling area;  an Office Swivel Chair with Adjustable Height and Lumbar Support for $10 in Malaga, Swan Area;  and a Breakfast Chef Wanted in South Yarra who knows how to ‘smash the avo’. 

But there were no ads directly offering smashed avo for sale or trade. This could mean one of two things:

  1. I will receive thousands of enquiries right away because no one else is servicing the needs of smashed-avo traders across the country
  2. No one is actually searching for ‘smashed avo’ on Gumtree

Let’s hope that it’s the former, and not the latter.

Only time will tell.

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