What’s ceramic, spiky and spicy?

This morning I heard the familiar ping of a Gumtree enquiry and habitually opened the app without much thought.

I was greeted with this….

No accompanying message, no greetings…..nothing.

Just this weird looking browny-green relic that I guessed was some sort of ornament for the mantelpiece.

Needless to say, I was a little perplexed.

About 30 mins later another photo came through, it was the same item, but this time from a different angle.   I could now confirm it was a ceramic pineapple capable of splitting into two halves….but still, why?

5 mins later all was revealed.

Turns out this was indeed a legitimate offer to a trade for Item #2, the vintage rattan magazine rack.  Who knew that pineapple salt & pepper shakers were even a thing!

Think I might sit on this one for a while and see what else pops up.


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