Tijuana Cartel is coming to the party

Did you hear the one about the guy who swapped a rare gemstone only found in Tanzania for a fistful of music festival tickets? Yeah, that’s old news.

But this just in:

We have a developing situation on the Gold Coast in Queensland…

An eyewitness has reported that a gang of youths well-known by music lovers and going by the name of Tijuana Cartel has stormed the latest trade for the Smashed Avo Project.

The band, as they are often referred to, are alleged to be involved in the upcoming Earth Frequency music festival. An informant, believed to be the ring leader of the Tijuana Cartel told Smashed Avo Project ‘let’s meet the ticket holders after our show and we can have a beer!’

That’s right people, you heard it here first. Tijuana Cartel have made the latest trade even sweeter.

So if you’re a music fan hankering for some VIP festival action, shoot me an offer I can’t refuse. Godspeed.

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