Tales from the Titanic

A lively chap named Chris put forward this offer for the current item, the 9 carat gold ring:

….it’s a tile from the Titanic’s main Smoking Room. They had to be perfect, so they ordered about four times more than they needed. These excess tiles were used to cover the floor of the White Star Lines Offices until they went bankrupt. Has a photo of Smoking Room in background framed photo, the tile is attached to, along with the story.

They are a mosaic tile, repeat diamond pattern (almost completely faded now), about 4cm square. This one has Velcro glued to the back of it to attach it to the photo frame. When the high office building got demolished in the 40’s, someone had the foresight to save a few tiles off the Managers and Admin floor. It was common knowledge the excess tiles were put to use in the building.

They had three buildings over their history, in London, Liverpool, and Southampton, England. They were going bust after the Great Depression and got taken over by Cunard Lines about 1949. The London offices were gutted, not demolished it turns out and turned into apartments which still stand today. The other two offices remain. I assume the tiles were removed from the Admin area and offices of the Chairperson at that time.

They purchased about four of five times more than they needed, as every tile for the Titanic main Smoking Room had to be perfect.

First Class Smoking Room I meant to add. For men only at that time in history. Where they would smoke their pipes and cigars, and discuss business, gossip, and some tell bawdy adult jokes, lol.

I asked Chris if I could see a photo of the tile. His response:

I have to find it stored away with very weird things I used to collect, lol.

I have a feeling it may take him a while to dig it out….

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