Smashed Avo Project gains media attention

I was a tad chuffed to discover an email in my inbox earlier this week from a local magazine regarding the Smashed Avo Project.

Hey Jake,

Found your ad on Gumtree. Love the idea.

Keen to hear more about the project and follow you on your journey. Can we catch up for a coffee (and maybe some avo on toast?) to chat about the project.

Rarlo Magazine

I took the Editor up on his offer, a young and spritely chap by the name of Ryan Baldwin. Over a strong flat white at a popular laid-back cafe in Miami, Ryan talked me through the upcoming plans for Rarlo as well as some of the unconventional editorial projects they’d recently undertaken. One such story  that really struck a chord with me, involved him and a colleague sifting through the dumpsters full of rancid garbage behind the Sushi Train, to gauge the extent of the landfill problem caused by sushi train lids. Hectic!

Putting my new hatred for sushi train refuse to the side for just a moment, I guess I can now legitimately claim that the Smashed Avo Project has received international media attention. Next stop, prime time TV!

Check out Rarlo Magazine: & The National Problem with Sushi Train Lids article:

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