Sheepish offer

I received a familiar message yesterday…

‘Hello, is this still available?’

It was from a bloke named Kevin F who lived in Bauple, and he was referring to the current item, a saxophone. I responded, and said ‘Hey Kevin, yes, it most certainly is!’

Kevin: What type of things are you considering swapping it for ?…
Crazy or not crazy 🙂

Me: Crazy is cool! I’m open to all sorts of things. Whatever you have I’ll certainly consider.

But what he responded with I wasn’t quite ready for….

Kevin: Livestock ?? I’ve got Dorper sheep….and have two beautiful young ones, Ram and a Ewe 7 months old available. I could throw in the mother of the ewe too… then there would be a Ram and two unrelated Ewes …..she is 3 years old

Me: Wait….aren’t the ewes related?

Kevin: Yes but not to the Ram. That’s what I meant ……in case any one wants to breed from them…..the Ram must be unrelated to the Ewes

Me: Ok understood- let me take a look at the photos and we can take it from there.

Unfortunately Kevin had a change of heart before I had the chance to see a photo of these majestic creatures. But hey, at least I learnt something new about the blood lines for breeding sheep.

Thanks Kevin, this is definitely one of the best offers I’ve received yet!

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