Item #9: 4 Tickets to Earth Frequency Music Festival

Sunday January 24th, 2021

Let’s take a moment to recap the journey so far. I started with some tasty smashed avo on toast and swapped this for Item #2, a vintage magazine rack.   I traded the rack for Item #3, a surfboard traction pad, which I then swapped for Item #4, the hotel gift voucher. I  swapped the voucher for Item #5 a Moana doll set, which led to Item #6 the 9 carat gold ring followed by Item #7 the alto saxophone and then Item #8, a rare Tanzanite gemstone.

Today, I met Paul in Queensland’s epicentre of live music, Fortitude Valley, to make the next trade.  Paul is the driving force behind a four day music festival called Earth Frequency, taking place 14-17 May at Ivory’s Rock here in Queensland.   Paul swapped 4 x Earth Frequency Festival tickets for the Tanzanite gemstone.

Earth Frequency Festival tickets

And the icing on this festival cake?  One of the event’s lead acts, Tijuana Cartel, have kindly offered to share a drink with the bearers of these tickets after the show.

The Earth Frequency festival is truly diverse, including a wide range of musical styles ranging from live bands, to original electronic producers and DJs.  From trance to folk, dubstep to reggae, techno to funk…it seems that this festival has it all.  It’s even family-friendly with a dedicated kid’s creative space.

Sounds like heaven right? Especially after being locked down from doing anything remotely fun for most of 2020!

If you fancy hitting the first decent festival in Australia in a very long time along with three mates PLUS cracking a coldie with an awesome band, drop me a line.

* I am happy to deliver to areas nearby or pay for postage, just ask 🙂


Item #8: Rare Tanzanite Gemstone

Item #7: Alto Saxophone with Accessories

Item #6: 9 Carat Gold Ring with Amethyst Stone

Item #5: Moana Doll set 

Item #4: Hotel Gift Voucher

Item #3: Surfboard Traction Pad

Item #2: Vintage Cane Magazine Rack

Item #1: Smashed Avo on Toast