Item #7: Alto Saxophone with accessories

Sunday June 14th, 2020

Wow, it’s a year to the day since my last swap.   I guess that whole COVID-19 thing had us all a bit distracted.

Anyways, because it’s been so long between swaps, let me take a moment to recap the journey so far. I started with some tasty smashed avo on toast and swapped it for Item #2, a vintage magazine rack.   I traded the rack for Item #3, a surfboard traction pad, which I then swapped for Item #4, the hotel gift voucher. I then swapped the voucher for Item #5 a Moana doll set, which led to Item #6 the 9 carat gold ring.  And now here I an with an even bigger and golderer thing, Item #7 is an alto saxophone.

I dropped by the Southern reaches of Brisbane earlier this rainy afternoon to meet Rodi S, a lovely lady whose son had lost interest in the instrument.   Rodi has actually offered up the sax back in January, but alas lockdown struck and we decided to wait it out (and I must say, thanks for your patience Rodi!).

Well I must say, the wait was worth it…opening up the case took me straight back to year 9 band practice.  Only now do I realise how cool the engineering behind these  beautiful instruments actually is…

If you have a family member, child, or just feel like belting out a few ballads yourself, hit me on the contact page to swap this alto saxophone.


Item #6: 9 Carat Gold Ring with Amethyst Stone

Item #5: Moana Doll set 

Item #4: Hotel Gift Voucher

Item #3: Surfboard Traction Pad

Item #2: Vintage Cane Magazine Rack

Item #1: Smashed Avo on Toast