Item #5: Boxed Moana (Disney movie) doll set

Sunday January 20th, 2019

Ok, let’s take it from the top. I started with my beloved smashed avo on toast and swapped it for Item #2, a vintage magazine rack. I traded the rack for Item #3, a surfboard traction pad, which I then swapped for Item #4, the hotel gift voucher.

Well guess what….today I swapped that hotel gift voucher for Item #5, a Moana ‘Ocean Adventure’ doll set! Given that Moana is one of the most popular kids movies right now, the decision to swap was a no-brainer in the end (thanks to those who participated in my Instagram poll to help me come to this conclusion).

A legend named Francis came through with the offer, and he even drove down from Brisbane to meet me for the trade. You the man Francis!

This official piece of Disney merchandise that I now have in my hot little hands is still packaged and sealed just like one you’d find on the toy store shelf. The package includes a large Moana doll plus a canoe and is currently priced at $177 on Amazon Australia . It’s bigger than you’d expect too; the box is half a metre long and weight 1.8kg. Yes sirree, it’s a serious toy by anyone’s standards.

If you have kids, nieces, nephews or are an enthusiast/collector yourself this could be right up your alley.

Visit my Gumtree ad for more details or hit me on the contact page if you’ve got something you’d like offer in exchange for this toy set.

* I will be happy to deliver, or pay for postage, if it’s not ridiculously expensive.


Item #4: Hotel Gift Voucher

Item #3: Surfboard Traction Pad

Item #2: Vintage Cane Magazine Rack

Item #1: Smashed Avo on Toast