Item #1: Smashed Avo on Toast

Friday February 2nd, 2018

Smashed avo on toast.  It’s good stuff and arguably, Australia does it better than anyone in the world.

In fact, right now there are probably thousands of cafes across the nation serving up drool-inducing plates of smashed avo worthy of enough Michelin stars to make the Southern Cross jealous.

Smashed avo done right usually consists of a base of lightly toasted sourdough,  maybe even a locally sourced organic multigrain, rustically layered in that hand-smashed malleable gold we know as av-oh-carrr-dough, garnished with signature elements that vary wildly, from crumbled feta and dukkah, to pickled radish and chilli flakes.  Rocket often makes an appearance too, and of course, a sprinkling of pepper for a bit of zing and some coarsely ground salt for a bit of zang, with an obligatory chunk of freshly wedged lemon on the side.

I know, sounds decadently tasty right?

So, to get things off the mark, I will consider all offers to trade a serving of Smashed Avo on toast at your favourite local cafe* for something cool/interesting/nice/unusual.  Heck, if you fancy to add a cheeky latte to wash it down, I might even include that in the deal.

Visit my Gumtree ad or hit me on the contact page if you’ve got something you’d like offer.

* Up to the value of $20. Dine-in only. Local delivery may incur a fee or high-five. Delivery further afield is not out of the question, but may impact the quality & taste of the dish significantly.

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