Monkey business

I got talking to Daniel, the hard-working bloke running a business called Endless Engineering, through Instagram one day.

Daniel makes monkey bars. Like, serious ones. Put it this way, if a 200 year cyclone came, these things would still be firmly planted in your backyard.

Being an entrepreneurial guy, Daniel liked what the Smashed Avo Project was doing. After mulling over it for a few days, I got this message from him:

Daniel: ‘Hey, I’d like to offer this yellow monkey bar rig for the trade’.

This isn’t your average set of monkey bars.

Me: ‘Wow, that’s rad’

Daniel: ‘Yeah it’s huge. One of a kind’

Me: ‘What are the dimensions?’

Daniel: ‘4m x 2.7m x 2.6m….I’d sell it for $3600+’

Needless to say this unique setup had me pretty captivated. I mean, who isn’t interested in carefully-engineered steel masterpieces. This thing could be at home in art gallery. So we kept talking.

Eventually, we arrived at the conclusion that it was worth doing a deal and swapping these monkey bars for Item #8, the 1.14 carat Tanzanite stone. We organised a time to meet the following weekend.

But a day out, Daniel messaged me with second thoughts. It turns out his wife wasn’t as excited about the deal as we were. Ironically, neither was mine at the prospect of filling our entire compact backyard with a colourful steel structure. So, in the spirit of the medium on which we first connected, we swapped a virtual high five instead 🙏 .

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