Let’s talk about Sax

I’m super excited to announce I’ve found a new home for item 6, the nine carat gold ring, in exchange for this sweet alto saxophone.

This swap happened in Eagleby on the weekend. It was a rainy Sunday arvo, perfect couch weather, so I was not completely surprised when Rodi apologetically greeted me wearing her pyjamas!

After asking around the history of the instrument, it turns out that Rodi’s son used to play the sax and had lost interest. Maybe it was the thought of having to practice ‘Oh When The Saints Go Marching In‘ just one more time, but they both seemed happy to see it go!

The sax, featuring Rodi’s son as the hand and foot model.

It’s such a cool instrument, I can’t wait to see the offers I get on this item! Hit me on the contact page if you’re interested in swapping.

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