A note from my new 55yr old friend Sigrid

I received a response directly to my Gumtree ad  from a lovely lady named Sigrid.   Sigrid is making me think there’s a lot more contributing to the barriers and decisions to take on mortgage ownership then simply an over-zealous cafe habits….

Hi Jake,

This is only my opinion! I myself, 55yr young Nana of 2 teenage girls whose parents don’t drink coffee think it’s the coffee that goes with the avocado smash that’s breaking the bank for Young Australians! Though they do love both at lunchtime, it’s not everyday! Barista Coffee on the other hand is had twice or more a day and at an average price of $5 a pop that’s a good chunk of a house deposit.

(Probably not relevant but you may be interested)

My daughter and her husband do go out to lunch or dinner sometimes, but mostly entertain at home! They dont drink coffee but do like fine wine, probably too much lol. But are very healthy and always active. They made a decision to not have a mortgage whilst their girls are growing up, they’d rather take them on adventures, trips around Australia, camping (alot.. heaps.. probably way too much lol) and a few overseas trips!! So the girls are 17 & 18 this year, oldest is taking a gap year, youngest is in Year 12 and will be going off next year to Uni to learn how to become a nurse! So they are now saving towards a house deposit. (but not sure whether Uni fees may inhale some of that lol. Some would say foolish for waiting but through my eyes it was well worth it and it shows in the upbringing of their girls! And they get their fruit & veges (& avocados) from the markets!!

Hope you get some good responses and I’ll be checking your website!

Cheers Sigrid😉

What do you think? Are experience,s learning and travelling taking precedence over home ownership for more Australians?

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