Great Danes…or great firewood?

A local chap named James contacted me yesterday offering a pre-loved antique Danish dining chairs in exchange for Item #2, my cane magazine rack.

Now I’m the first to admit to not knowing a great deal about the furniture of yesteryear (whilst also of Scandinavian descent, my oldest piece of furniture is from the 2008 Ikea range).

So I was trying to work out whether these things were worth a bomb, or better off as firewood.

I asked James for a few more details, and this is what he said:

“(It’s made from) vinyl, and yeah teakwood. I believe they’re original Parker chairs… my parents had them for forever and I was going to restore them but just haven’t gotten around to it. They had a full dining set but over the years it got split up and these were the last two. And the idea of the trade sounded good…”

I was still at a loss as to whether this was a trade worth pursuing.

Parker….might be collectable?  Teak…sounds fancy.  Vinyl…..hmm, not so much.

Then I had brainwave.  There’s a great little antique furniture store not far from here that specialises in restoring Danish furniture called Found Furniture.  Surely they’d know what the potential of these tired Parker dining chairs would be.   I dropped them a line along with this photo and posed the question…. ‘are these chairs worth any more than the Saturday papers?’

The response from Found Furniture  ‘No sorry, not worth much‘.

Alas, I thanked James kindly for the offer and politely declined.


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