Festival Time

Today, I met Paul in Queensland’s epicentre of live music, Fortitude Valley, to make a trade!

I promise you this is not a man-crush speaking, but Paul was literally one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met.  A super friendly chap (and patient too, given that I drove around the block 3 times while he waited) who happily took the time to meet me on a sweltering hot Sunday with his family in tow. A real good egg.

I guess it comes as no surprise that Paul also has a cool-as-heck job.  He’s the driving force behind a four day music festival called Earth Frequency, a four day festival taking place from the 14th to 17th of May at Ivory’s Rock here in Queensland.  

Am I’m stoked to say that Paul swapped…wait for it….

4 x Earth Frequency Festival tickets for the Tanzanite gemstone!

Oh, and did I mention that these festival tickets are no longer available? Yep, it’s sold out. No biggie!

After chatting more with Paul, I realised just how diverse The Earth Frequency is. With roots related to landcare and the surrounding environment, it has evolved to celebrates this theme through a wide range of musical styles ranging from live bands, to original electronic producers and DJs.  From trance to folk, dubstep to reggae, techno to funk…this festival has it all.  It’s even family-friendly, with a dedicated kid’s creative space. Winning!

Sounds like heaven right? Especially after being locked down from doing anything remotely fun for most of 2020.

If you fancy hitting the first decent festival in Australia in a very long time along with three of your finest festival companions (by the way, as an added bonus children under 13 can enter the festival free with an accompanying adult) read the full listing for more details.

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