Earth Frequency Festival shoutout

The kind folk at Earth Frequency Festival gave us a little nod in their newsletter today.

The full article is below…I must say, I’m pretty chuffed.

Transcription: Smashed Avocado Challenge – EFF2021 Ticket Giveaway!

Several years ago, smashed avo started making international headlines. A polarising debate had sparked regarding the housing affordability crisis faced by many young Australians.  Was a humble serving of smashed avo on toast the barrier to home ownership…or was there more to it? The nation was divided…and the Smashed Avo Project was conceived. 

The goal of Smashed Avo Project is simple, to barter from a single serving of smashed avo on toast to a house in a series of trades.  Founded by Queenslander Jake Falkinder, the project has been running since 2018.  Jake recently made his 9th trade – for a rare gemstone he traded 4 x tickets to Earth Frequency (plus a cheeky drink with Tijuana Cartel after their show).

So if you missed out on tickets to this year’s festival, this could be your chance!  

Visit for more details.

Thanks heaps to Paul and the gang at Earth Frequency Festival. Total legends!

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