Doctor’s orders

I never planned on become the kind of guy that does deals in the carpark, but today I found myself in the position yet again!

At lunchtime today, just down the way from Robina Hospital on the Gold Coast, I met the charismatic chap behind Bonfire Yoga, Doctor Aaron.

Aaron had initially expressed interest in Item 9, the Earth Frequency Music Festival VIP experience . After an entertaining exchange on Gumtree Messenger, I realised that Aaron was undoubtedly a rare breed.

Three things I learnt from our chat were:

  1. A ‘burner’ is a thing. It’s is a self-identifying term used by the vast majority of Burning Man Festival attendees, but can also apply to people who attend other dance music festivals too (Google it if you’re interested…I had to as well and it’s a pretty interesting counter-culture!)
  2. Anyone who knows Earth Frequency Festival synonymously knows Paul, the Earth Frequency music festival founder, and rates him as one of the best humans on Earth (seriously, how lucky was I to cross paths with Paul for the last trade)
  3. I found myself saying ‘without trust, what do we have?’ during our chat. And after getting the Project this far on handshakes, conversations and goodwill, I honestly believe it.

Deep life lessons happening right here on the Smashed Avo Project.

Needless to say, it felt like destiny for Dr Aaron to become a part of the Smashed Avo Project so we struck a deal.

We swapped the Earth Frequency Music Festival VIP experience for the Ultimate Wellness Package. The package includes 12 months of unlimited yoga for 2 adults at Bonfire Yoga studios throughout Brisbane, plus a 3 night stay at Dr A’s Crystal Waters & Glow Worms Airbnb property. Total package value is $5,900.

I’m also delighted to say we are now up to Item #10, a milestone for the project.

Celebrate good times, c’mon!

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