Current Trade

Item #10:  Wellness Package (Holiday Retreat + 12 Months Unlimited Yoga)

Thursday May 13th, 2021

Let’s take a moment to recap the journey so far. I started with some tasty smashed avo on toast and swapped this for Item #2, a vintage magazine rack.   I traded the rack for Item #3, a surfboard traction pad, which I then swapped for Item #4, the hotel gift voucher. I  swapped the voucher for Item #5 a Moana doll set, which led to Item #6 the 9 carat gold ring followed by Item #7 the alto saxophone and then Item #8, a rare Tanzanite gemstone. Item #9 was a VIP experience at the Earth Frequency Music Festival.

Today, I met Dr Aaron Tselepy, the legend behind Bonfire Yoga studios in Brisbane.  Aaron swapped the Earth Frequency VIP experience for a Wellness Package which includes:

  • 2 x unlimited annual passes to Bonfire Yoga Studios (new members only, can be used in both Aspley & Jindalee studios). Valued at $2,900
  • 3 night stay at the Crystal Waters & Glow Worms Airbnb property (Monday to Thursday, any time of year) including tour of private waterfall at Crystal Waters.  Valued at $3,000.

Sounds like heaven for your mind, body and spirit, right?  Especially after being locked down from doing anything remotely indulgent for the past year!

If you would like to put forward a trade for this amazing package, please drop me a line.


Item #9: Earth Frequency Festival VIP Experience

Item #8: Rare Tanzanite Gemstone

Item #7: Alto Saxophone with Accessories

Item #6: 9 Carat Gold Ring with Amethyst Stone

Item #5: Moana Doll set 

Item #4: Hotel Gift Voucher

Item #3: Surfboard Traction Pad

Item #2: Vintage Cane Magazine Rack

Item #1: Smashed Avo on Toast