Sheepish offer

I received a familiar message yesterday…

‘Hello, is this still available?’

It was from a bloke named Kevin F who lived in Bauple, and he was referring to the current item, a saxophone. I responded, and said ‘Hey Kevin, yes, it most certainly is!’

Kevin: What type of things are you considering swapping it for ?…
Crazy or not crazy 🙂

Me: Crazy is cool! I’m open to all sorts of things. Whatever you have I’ll certainly consider.

But what he responded with I wasn’t quite ready for….

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Tales from the Titanic

A lively chap named Chris put forward this offer for the current item, the 9 carat gold ring:

….it’s a tile from the Titanic’s main Smoking Room. They had to be perfect, so they ordered about four times more than they needed. These excess tiles were used to cover the floor of the White Star Lines Offices until they went bankrupt. Has a photo of Smoking Room in background framed photo, the tile is attached to, along with the story.

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Beam me up, Scotty

I’m was feeling a tad porky after eating my bodyweight in glazed ham on Christmas day, so it was a pleasant distraction to receive a ‘ping!’ from Scotty in Kingscliff offering a new item in exchange for Item #3, the surfboard traction pad. Turns out Scotty also has a little case of the post-Christmas blues, receiving a gift that he doesn’t have a use for right now.

Scotty the man, the legend, taking home Item 3 in the Smashed Avo Project.

What was the gift he swapped?

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High fives

Had a classic enquiry come through on Gumtree today for Item #3, the surfboard traction pad.

You know the one:

‘Hi, I’m wondering if this is still available?’

I’m sure I’m not the first to admit that as a frequent Gumtree user, it’s hard to refrain from being a complete smartass when enquiries like this come through. I mean, why would it be listed if it wasn’t still available….

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