Doctor’s orders

I never planned on become the kind of guy that does deals in the carpark, but today I found myself in the position yet again!

At lunchtime today, just down the way from Robina Hospital on the Gold Coast, I met the charismatic chap behind Bonfire Yoga, Doctor Aaron.

Aaron had initially expressed interest in Item 9, the Earth Frequency Music Festival VIP experience . After an entertaining exchange on Gumtree Messenger, I realised that Aaron was undoubtedly a rare breed.

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Decadent weekend in Bellingen

Yesterday, John expressed some interest in the current trade (which is four tickets to the sold out Earth Frequency music festival).

Here’s what John had to say…

Love the project you are running and would love those tickets.

On offer is what we call ‘BELLINGEN BLISS

It’s a weekend away for two people in a resort-style house in Bellingen for 2 nights with Champagne and Organic Local Produce Basket on arrival.  Attached are some images of the house (and obviously not taken for marketing 🙂

But it wasn’t only this beautiful house John has to offer…there’s also this to sweeten the deal…

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Festival Time

Today, I met Paul in Queensland’s epicentre of live music, Fortitude Valley, to make a trade!

I promise you this is not a man-crush speaking, but Paul was literally one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met.  A super friendly chap (and patient too, given that I drove around the block 3 times while he waited) who happily took the time to meet me on a sweltering hot Sunday with his family in tow. A real good egg.

I guess it comes as no surprise that Paul also has a cool-as-heck job.  He’s the driving force behind a four day music festival called Earth Frequency, a four day festival taking place from the 14th to 17th of May at Ivory’s Rock here in Queensland.  

Am I’m stoked to say that Paul swapped…wait for it….

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Monkey business

I got talking to Daniel, the hard-working bloke running a business called Endless Engineering, through Instagram one day.

Daniel makes monkey bars. Like, serious ones. Put it this way, if a 200 year cyclone came, these things would still be firmly planted in your backyard.

Being an entrepreneurial guy, Daniel liked what the Smashed Avo Project was doing. After mulling over it for a few days, I got this message from him:

Daniel: ‘Hey, I’d like to offer this yellow monkey bar rig for the trade’.

This isn’t your average set of monkey bars.
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What’s rarer than diamonds?

I received a Facebook message back in late September from a lady named Wendy. Her sense of humour grabbed my attention when she jokingly offered her husband or grandchildren in exchange for Item 7, the alto saxophone. Not surprisingly, Wendy quickly retracted her offer…with her tongue still planted firmly in-cheek!

‘…oh wait, that’s illegal, and the sax was be for my Husband’s 60th birthday so after 35 years I’d like to keep him…well maybe not after he starts playing it…’

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Sheepish offer

I received a familiar message yesterday…

‘Hello, is this still available?’

It was from a bloke named Kevin F who lived in Bauple, and he was referring to the current item, a saxophone. I responded, and said ‘Hey Kevin, yes, it most certainly is!’

Kevin: What type of things are you considering swapping it for ?…
Crazy or not crazy 🙂

Me: Crazy is cool! I’m open to all sorts of things. Whatever you have I’ll certainly consider.

But what he responded with I wasn’t quite ready for….

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Hugh (huge) news

You may have noticed I’m a big fan of social experiments.

So when I saw internationally acclaimed photographer Hugh Stewart’s latest project, I felt compelled to drop him a line.

Hugh is a portrait specialist, having photographed some seriously salubrious celebs including Johnny Cash, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, Clint Eastwood, Leonardo Dicaprio, Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett, the Duchess of Devonshire….and slightly less notable, this guy holding an avocado.

Smashed Avo Project meets the Lockdown Portrait Project (link)
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Tales from the Titanic

A lively chap named Chris put forward this offer for the current item, the 9 carat gold ring:

….it’s a tile from the Titanic’s main Smoking Room. They had to be perfect, so they ordered about four times more than they needed. These excess tiles were used to cover the floor of the White Star Lines Offices until they went bankrupt. Has a photo of Smoking Room in background framed photo, the tile is attached to, along with the story.

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Beam me up, Scotty

I’m was feeling a tad porky after eating my bodyweight in glazed ham on Christmas day, so it was a pleasant distraction to receive a ‘ping!’ from Scotty in Kingscliff offering a new item in exchange for Item #3, the surfboard traction pad. Turns out Scotty also has a little case of the post-Christmas blues, receiving a gift that he doesn’t have a use for right now.

Scotty the man, the legend, taking home Item 3 in the Smashed Avo Project.

What was the gift he swapped?

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