The Concept

What’s the goal of the Smashed Avo Project? 

I want to find out what a sacrificing a serving of smashed avo on toast is really worth in the long-run (because leading global economists can’t agree for themselves!)

How does it work?

  • I started with a fresh plate of smashed avocado served on locally-sourced bread with suitable garnishings
  • I advertised it in the ‘swaps/trades’ section of my local classifieds and an offer took my fancy
  • I then swapped this item for something else of greater value, and am now repeating this cycle many times over

View the current item available to swap >>

The journey so far

When does it end?

When the offers finally run dry then this social experiment will be complete, and we will be able to unequivocally determine what we are sacrificing in the long-run to support our smashed avo habit. Simples!